Corporate world- A world of fulfilling desires or a mirage!

Corporate world is a world of fulfilling desires, making relationships, networking and rationality. But as it is rightly said “All that Glitter is not Gold” (William Shakespeare). Stress is prevailing and sustainably developing in corporate world. People are running towards stress management institute but is it working? Is it giving them relief? No it is not giving relief. Their stress is cured partially but not fully.

When employees are disturbed internally it effects environment too. Employees have become emotional labor now. The moment they enter into the workplace they wear a mask as required by their job. They behave in a different way just because their job demands so.  Person- Work conflict in mechanistic organizations occur when people can fit into the systems where as Person- Work conflict in spiritual organizations occurs when systems can not be fit into the person. In either case if Person- Work conflict is too great then the person has to leave the organization and seek a mechanistic organization in which one can do the work or seek a spiritual organization in which one can express one’s core values. The expression of one’s core values within work is the way in which one sees ‘meaning’ and ‘purpose’ in work. When one experiences an alignment of the organization with one’s core values, one’s calling and one’s work and one finds joy and peace. Deming (2000) poisted that all anyone really wants is to have joy in work.

“Conflict is a war which evokes anxiety”. Anxiety leads to irresistible feelings which need to be simplified! It is a form of competition between perceived or actual incompatible needs, goals, desires, ideas, or resources (collectively called interests, the “desired state”)

A struggle for power causes conflict.(Erik A. Fisher, Steven W. Sharp ,The art of managing everyday conflict: understanding emotions and power … ,p2)

Conflicts result from differences in interests and values. One party perceives that another party has negatively affected or is about to negatively affect something the first party cares about.

Conflict exists whenever incompatible activities occur (Deutsch, 1973). Conflicts occur at all levels of interaction – at work, among friends, within families and between relationship partners. When conflict occurs, the relationship may be weakened or strengthened. Thus, conflict is a critical event in the course of a relationship. Conflict can cause resentment, hostility and perhaps the ending of the relationship. If it is handled well, however, conflict can be productive – leading to deeper understanding, mutual respect and closeness. Whether a relationship is healthy or unhealthy depends not so much on the number of conflicts between participants, but on how the conflicts are resolved. (Donna Bellafiore; Interpersonal Conflict and Effective Communication; 1998)

There are many common ways to handle conflict like power based, rights or entitlement based, interest based, relation based approaches and the most common integrative approach i.e. Win Win situation etc. These are the operational dimensions of handling conflict at workplace.

For conflict resolution operational dimension is used but for conflict dissolution spiritual dimension is required, which implies


(IQ= Intelligence Quotient

EQ= Emotional Quotient

SQ= Spiritual Quotient)

i.e. Capability of doing work+ Will of doing work = Purpose of work

and if IQ+EQ= SQ i.e. there is a mismatch of capability and will of doing work then purpose of the work will not be a beneficiary for the organization. Henceforth conflict arises at workplace

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