What do employees want most?

In this competitive era the volatile environment has brought widespread economic growth and social changes. Employees have become more vigilant toward’s the kind of experience they are gaining from the work they pursue. They are preferring experience over career. This is a big reason to understand what do employees really want.

Reducing Attrition percentage is a very big challenge in-front of companies. Companies are taking a lot of measures to keep their employees motivated. Lucrative salaries, Onsite visits, Fringe benefits and perks are some of the areas where companies are working upon since decades. A survey was conducted in 2016 which said that in the services space, 19.3 per cent was the overall attrition. Despite so many efforts the attrition prevails, why… Is it only salary, rewards and recognition, progress and opportunities or something else too which an employee want.

Questions which needs to be answered by HR of the company

1.What do employees want?

2.Why Employee Engagement is necessary?

a.When is it required?

b. How it should be executed?

The most important thing which an employee wants is TRUST- They want to trust you …and to be trusted!

Trust is a function of two things: Character – which includes integrity, motive, and intent and Competence – which includes capabilities, skills, results, and track record

Words, action and courtesy matters…. Trust can be achieved only when Leadership team or the top management, imbibes the characteristic of ‘Mother Leadership’…The way mother trusts her child and is always supportive, the leader should trust the employee.

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