Relationship- Why is it required

I have recently read a post on Facebook ‘ Many people redeem relationship because they can be used as and when required’. You may laugh on it but actually this has become the irony and it is taking the shape of reality.

What is relationship? It is the way in which two people are connected, i.e. either by blood, or by behavior or thoughts. The relationship between two beings is humanity which in today’s business world is known as Interpersonal Relationship.

It has given such an importance that people are using it as a new technique of being opportunist. Being opportunist is not bad, but making relations just on the basis of getting opportunities clearly states the materialistic reason for making relations and then encashment of the relations. People become materialistic when “You start loving things and using people for your benefit; instead of using things and loving people”.

inspirational-buddha-quotes-and-famous-zen-sayings-images-page-1-relationship-zen-quotesIt is often taught faithfulness is the best relationship one can have. But…is it happening? Do we actually rely ourselves? We suspects ourselves, how can we rely others ? This feeling of non belief, distrust and unfaithfulness has lead to  the thought of ‘why do we need relationship’  We are not satisfied in anything and the reason is we do not believe anyone not even ourselves. We try to find a support everywhere, in the form of friend, a mentor a guide, but do we really have faith on them. Is the samarpan there….

You must be thinking how easy it is to write samarpan.. but so tough to practice. Its easy to preach than to to practice. I will share your load. Here are some steps which can be done for self realization. It is important for self realization before entering into any relationship.

  • What makes you feel comfortable?
  • What makes you feel jealous?
  • What makes you feel happy?
  • What makes you sad?


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