Know yourself- Steps to “Be”

Today just thought of expressing my inner feelings ..Sometimes I feel that why is it so tough to be natural. I have heard so many times from spiritual gurus.. “Don’t try to become…just be”….. It is so easy to say…but whenever I think of implementing it I find it so tough…


Its so tough to be what you how to achieve it. Below are the thoughts of mine which I try to implement for understanding of self. It is helping me to figure out my emotions and hope it helps others too.

  1. Evaluation:- Please stop evaluating yourself again and again. There is no point in evaluating our-self repeatedly because we are trying to hear what we want to hear as a feedback
  2. Acceptance:- Acceptance is an art, it takes loads of efforts by people to accept the reality, but its very easy if just hear the first voice which comes from within as it is the purest feeling,just like a dew drop which remains free from the contamination of our own thoughts. So, the moment you hear the voice, understand it and go for the thought
  3. Channelize:- “Remain pure all your life; guard your own honor and never transgress the honor of others. Be very tranquil, but when necessary, harden your heart.”
  4. Be a mentor to yourself.

At last I would like to say to find out #Weber’s fraction of your stimuli, it will help you to evaluate what fraction of changes can change your originality and is changing you from ‘be to become’

Congratulate yourself once you start feeling that you have started achieving it…

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11 Replies to “Know yourself- Steps to “Be””

  1. Very true thoughts Gauri Anand… I have one point to share with you as per my thinking — Evaluation is compulsory to motivate ourself to get success, to complete our targets even in personal life how to improve personal relationship.

    May be I am wrong.


    1. I appreciate your thoughts Himani… Evaluation is important as it helps but it should not be sugar coated as Shakespeare said “True one to thyself”…and that’s what we get in our first voice which we get from within…


  2. Brilliant actually makes one sit up and start thinking…

    Just a suggestion…do write something on positively and optimism…2 most important qualities but very difficult to acquire…

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