Knowledge has become malediction now

download (2)While having a cup of tea a thought pondered- ‘ is it due to not understanding the intuition of ours or is it getting overexposed to the intellect or the knowledge given by our religious gurus that we are not understanding what is right and what is wrong. The verdict of Baba Ram Rahim has showcased the dark side of these kind of practices again in our country. There have been so many cases similar now but we are still not understanding the reality. Why is it that people are so ignorant. After the verdict and the nuisance created by his followers in many states there was a post on social media ” When some one gets raped in our country, people do candle light march and when rapist is given punishment, people create havoc in city”.  One more post which drew attention was ” When muslim ladies got relief from triple talaq, everyone praised the decision and when hindu ladies are getting justice ( Baba Ram Rahim Case) then why are people not happy”… Is it the matter of hindu and muslim right now? or is it the case of humanity. A lady lost everything because the person was full of lust and could not control his emotions and did the most heinous task and people are relating it with religion. How shameful it is. India is one of the religion sensitive countries in the world where people give religion the most important thing they posses. pic-for-blog1

These incidents and the foolishness of people bring some thoughts in my mind which I wanted to pen down and discuss in an open forum. What do you understand by Religion?

Religion is the dogma which people are stick to and from which people don’t want to come out due to the fear of punishment. People have the mindset that if they will not do things according to their religion, then they will get punishment from their God. People have the tendency of developing fear for God, instead love for God as if love persists there is no place for fear. Religion teaches duality. Gurus preaching about religion tells about the rituals, pros and cons of the deeds. They teach about Swarg and Nark, Jannat and Dozakh, Heaven and Hell and the judgement day. They teach about various kinds of offerings, people believe on them…they do all sort of materialistic offerings, but are not offering their ego, jealousy, lust and wrong feelings to God.

We should thank to our Bollywood for giving us trend breaking movies like Oh My God, PK, Toilet… ek prem katha and many more where they are showcasing the reasons of breaking these dogmas and to move forward with time and change. What do we do? We praise the movies, give them good ratings, recommend our friends to watch and then….Nothing!.  do we try to implement those changes. I have heard from many people ‘I am a person of Ram, Allah, Jesus, I believe in everyone’… and then there is the irony… If you believe everyone i.e. you do not believe TRUTH because God is not Truth however Truth is God. Be true to (3)

Spirituality is the path of knowing the supreme. It is the path of experience of love, compassion, faith and fanaa. It is like mixing two tides together. It is onness with the supreme. Spirituality is understanding non-dual concept. There is no language required to sing for God only heart is required to sing for the supreme. Spirituality is the song of soul, dance of soul for the supreme. It is sailing with the flow of water. Spirituality is the highest form of religion.images (3)

7 Replies to “Knowledge has become malediction now”

  1. Very well written . People are into pomp and show they pretend to follow things just to show others how religious they are actually they are non believers as when it comes to others they will preach nd in the same circumstances for them they have a contradictory approach


  2. I am very impressive with your is natural to worry about you because all these things are taking the society toward the wrong direction .all the cheaters who have been cheating us since long long time by the name of God, this is our mistake by making a fool.The basic essence of every relagion is love and humanity but we have imposed ourself with pomp and ritual blindness .There is no needs for any relagion or knowledge to connect with God,just being realized by your conscience. This society need people with progressive ideology like you


  3. Our society lives in fear and with male dominancy. They follow relegion just because of fear. We appreciate your thoughts n views on these matter.


  4. People interpret religion as ritual and segregate it from spirituality. The Basic concept behind religion is the right path of life, virtuous actions and love for humanity. These sparkling and clear definitions are clouded in the mystery of the unknown: the fear of the unseen and the false dreams of unrealized ambitions.
    People are gullible and small temptations drag them to the doors of these hypocrats.
    The debate is long and issues are many.
    Good write up Dear Gauri. It has stimulated me to think. Well written blog.

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  5. एक रोचक तथ्य यह भी है की इस घटना मे केवल अनपढ़ लोग ही नही पढे लिखे लोग भी शामिल थे।
    क्या होगा इस देश का जब पढे लिखे लोग ऐसे घटनाओं मे शामिल होगे।
    जुकरबर्ग ने दोस्ती के लिए फेसबुक बनाया और हमारे भारत में पढ़े लिखे लोग इसका उपयोग अपने धर्म को बेहतर साबित करने के लिए कर रहे है।

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