Learn with Independence, Live with Independence and Lead with Independence

India is the land of heritage. On the occasion of Independence day we suddenly start remembering all the patriotic Hindi movies, patriotic songs etc. Suddenly the whole nation color changes to tricolor. Everyone gives messages of patriotism, independence, love, affection, care and above aquote-why-independence-if-the-slaves-of-today-will-be-the-tyrants-of-tomorrow-jose-rizal-81-4-0455ll every one becomes like a jawan of this country. We dress our kids in tricolor, teach them patriotic songs, make them practice to sing ‘National anthem’.

Do you know why? Because on this day we tend to remember that we are citizens of India and all Indians are brothers and sisters. Otherwise this whole country has all different colors but not the tricolor which unites us on 15th August and 26th January.

Today’s generation have labeled these days as ‘ Online Sale’ ‘ Dry Day’ ‘ Long weekend’, if it falls on Sunday ” Ek chhutti Chali gayi Yaar” .  Have we not changed the real meaning of these days? Until we will not respect the independence, we cannot enjoy that.

Celebrating Independence Day is due to history which we have not seen and that is the reason we tend to forget the pains and have changed the real meaning of this day. So let us join together with heart and spirit for the pains which we are suffering day and night like child abuse, rape, child trafficking, restraining women to indulge them in and as sex workers. There are societal atrocities which are rising day by day and the basic reason of this is our thoughts which are contaminated. We are living in Hippocratic era. We know what is right and what is wrong but we do not want to involve ourselves because ‘ it’s not my matter’.

Independence is a seed for your thought.  This is the seed of S- Self Respect, E- Empathy, E-Empowerment and D- Decision making. Plant this seed in your heart and nourish it with your self-evaluation. Talk to yourself. independence-day-image

Just answer one question to yourself whenever you do anything “Are we doing what is right? Is it justifiable to my soul?” The moment you get the answer you will be in the right direction.

Happy Independence Day!


5 Replies to “Learn with Independence, Live with Independence and Lead with Independence”

  1. Excellent thought but I don’t fully agree with it Gauri. Today’s youth is responsible and also know the importance of our Independence


  2. Its true ..today’s generation which is the biggest source of youth in India has to understand the true meaning and sacrifice behind our Independence.


  3. Really good one
    But sahi hai ek chutti Chali gayi yaar n dry day this affects the youth but not his country.
    Always ask what you can do for your country not what country can do for you.
    Jai Hind


  4. Really good thought. National holiday K fun chutti cancell hojani chahiye. N even all should gather n celebrate the same in offices.


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