Festival and life! or Life is Festival?

quote-life-should-be-a-continual-celebration-a-festival-of-lights-the-whole-year-round-only-rajneesh-83-84-53After completing a big a festive season lives are again busy in the same schedules, meetings, targets, profits and losses. We are again busy in the race of earning bread and butter now. Gosh! it was so exciting to be with family and friends, enjoying different colors and also the flavor of togetherness with each other. Some were not able to go back to their native but it feels good when you have friends around who are just like your family. Festive season brings positivism in life.  With each and every passing minute we become so hopeful, that we tend to forget daily tensions, agony and frustrations of every day be it professional or personal, as we want to celebrate festival with fun and frolics, with sweets and happiness.

Have you ever thought that why does it happen? We do it consciously. We give it a conscious effort. Today my mother shared some of the pictures of Diwali celebration with friends and family. Everyone was looking so happy. I felt so good. Positive vibes overwhelmed me and my mind. It is good to be together. A sense of trust fills the heart with joy. quote-life-is-a-festival-only-to-the-wise-ralph-waldo-emerson-56-4-0438

Can we not assume life as festival? Can we not stat celebrating Life. When we can have the sense of acceptance in festivals then why not in life. When we can have the sense of trust which fills our heart with joy during festivals then why not throughout. When we can put a conscious effort to rejoice and celebrate with the power of positivity then why not throughout. Its up to us that we lead our life with HOPE and conscious efforts of celebration or with a normal life where you are just busy in meeting both the ends.

Be happy! Be festive for life!images (6)







22 Replies to “Festival and life! or Life is Festival?”

    1. Life is a never ending process and if we have the sense of gratitude towards God who has given us this life then of course life is fastival when on a single day we had not committed a sin then life is a festival

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  1. Gauri – wonderful thought and what a wonderful write up to inspire and motivate your readers. A take away from this for me is ‘It’s all about the attitude’ to drive happiness or to sulk.
    A very good thought to lead a happy life.

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  2. Very nicely put gauri…also have you noticed positive optimistic and happy people are the ones we get attracted to and their passion for life is contagious…we start feeling better…I think they know this secret…life itself is a festival…

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  3. Well said gauri..it’s our frame of thought only which can make individual life a festive one …..I don’t know why we afraid to think the same when we are at our native town ..May be professionalism has “dominated ” in most of the part of brain …
    Nevertheless we hope to change in the life where actual existence of joy is diminishing slowly

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