Do you really need ‘Me’ Time ?

Many of my readers wrote and asked about how can we get our me time in our busy schedule? Life has become so hectic that we have started missing our own space. I have some questions for those who wanted to know about it. We consciously try to forget the stress caused by professional and personal

Have you ever felt Liberation from your thoughts

  • Happiness which lasted for long
  • Freedom from negative energy
  • Freedom from your self-created negative whirls
  • Awesome while driving your car all alone
  • Being alone you enjoyed your train journey
  • A short flight but it is memorable

If for an instance your answer was yes, you have tasted the fruit of meditation.

We all usually talk about our “Me ” time which has become very hard to get in the present scenario. We try to escape from our daily schedule to find our “me” time so that we can relax in the way we want to. Some like listening to music, some like reading a book, some gadgets freak try to get time with their play station and some like sitting idle with a cup of tea/ coffee in their balcony to see outside. We consciously try to get time so that we can be relieved from stress. Its not necessary that you need your ‘Me’ time to relax yourself. If we rewind a normal day and find out the necessity of ‘me’ time, we will conclude on that it is driven from getting relaxed from the stress and the reason of stress could be numerous. It could be due to not meeting up the expectations of self or others, mismanagement, unable to workout the plan etc. But if we deeply understand it is the conversation within or with others which is not meditative. We are unable to manage our Emotional Quotient and that’s the reason which leads to stress.

To understand more on this concept lets take it forward to the concept of relationship. Why is it that we start believing someone to an extent that we are ready to change our decisions. Why do we surrender to a relationship? Has this ever happened to you? I am sure you must have felt at least for once.. Such relationship leads to utmost satisfaction and belief. This relationship can be termed as Meditative relationship.

This relation can help you to bring yourself closer to you. Try to figure out the conversation which gives you utmost satisfaction and believe in you. Any relationship which helps you to evolve and can make you a better human is a relationship to be treasured. Sometimes friends, colleagues, teacher or your better half can be the source of such conversation which brings you closer to self. Whenever I have a discussion with my guru the conversation reaches to a higher level. I have experienced the blossom of my heart and mind.

The real essence of self time is diluted to ‘Me’ time which is nothing else than Damage and Control of all damaged emotions happened throughout day due to stress. Understand the real concept of Self time…it is the time of internalization i.e. inner search. The moment you will start understanding the difference between healing of emotions and handling of emotions your me time concept will change to ‘Our time’ and you will start enjoying the meditative conversation as then there will be no YOU, only happiness will exist.


16 Replies to “Do you really need ‘Me’ Time ?”

  1. How the whole article covered the today’s days aspects like household works, work, relationships..Is beautiful.
    At the end, it condendses to the meditative aspect..Of “our” time..Is bit I don’t follow completely but I totally agree with the logic of.. at the days end it’s happiness that remains and it should.
    Meditation is something we do all the time..Provided we are conscious.

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  2. Gauri Anand’s views are indeed thought provoking. Shows the depth of the author. The role of Emotional Quotient is something that impressed me in particular! Good going Gauri, look forward to more from you!

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  3. Very well explained dear Dr.Gauri the utility of this personal time that is Me time.
    We live within boundaries of time , space, religion and traditions. These boundaries compel / motivate us to move under a discipline or within a defined space as society or other persons interfere with our time. One needs Me time not only to internalize but to know and understand oneself ; to grow and develop our talents and of course to unwind. This small space is symbolic of basic search of a person for freedom.

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  4. Hello Gauri ji, it’s Ajay Batti here. Yup it’s Indeed a great article dat shows d depth and emotional maturity of a writer. ‘Me time’ as thought on paper by you is a conscious effort to do inner search and a meditative conversation with Ur self which indeed will take u to d understanding and an awesome revelation of healing emotions and handling emotions. I really enjoyed reading Ur blog Dr.Gauri ji.


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