‘Being Human’ is it a destiny or a journey

Hey everyone! Its been so long talking to you all. I was trying to figure out my existence and it took me so long to understand the real essence of present moment. 🙂

Today I wanted to pen down my real experience of so many months to understand present. I have heard people saying that I just want to be a good Human being. My dear friend ‘JUST’ is not a small word over here, ‘JUST’ is not a destination but a life long journey. It is tough to be in a state of ‘Being Human’ throughout the life.

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I know this is not a new thing which I am talking about. So many people/ gurus/ speakers/ have spoken/ written about it.

I regularly come across 2 terms in my my mind “Jump in” and “Jump Out”. During my training sessions also I do this as an ice breaker activity for Listening skills. One day while doing this activity with group of participants I figured the concept of “spiritual whirl”. A whirl where we put loads of energy like meditation, yoga, silence , dance, loads of theories, Trans Music, Mindfulness, Emptiness etc… to jump out from the worldly affairs and to taste the nectar of spirituality and to relax for some time. However after some time we again come back in the same kind of worldly affairs..therefore it is “Jump In”.

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We are doing it unconsciously but when you try to give thoughts to it or you have to ponder for some time have you realized that in initial stages the energy which we have to put to adjust in ‘Jump out’ phase is very high. It is extremely tough to relax.

Energy for Jump out is way high> than energy for Jump in. Gradually this energy will reverse due to regular practice. i.e. Energy for Jump out is way low< than energy for Jump in. You must be thinking how?

It is a process of adjusting the awakening of soul and mind in worldly affairs. We start feeling and comparing the others with self and it happens because we are completely not awakened. Energy for Jump out is = energy for Jump in. It means you are an awakened soul and is continuing the journey of being an awakened soul. It is a continuous journey, it is not a destiny.

You won’t believe but gradually you will feel that you will like jumping out more than jumping in. Do you know why? A sense of accomplishment comes. It is a sense of achievement.

Recently I heard a talk on life positions. The speaker was talking about how people juggle their emotions between 4 quadrants of ‘ I am OK, You are OK’ for reference the quadrant is given below. *Here I is self and You can be any second person/ group of people/ city/ customer/ idea/boss etc..

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During the talk I got connected with the concept of Jump in Jump out because consciously if we know how much time do we have to stay in one quadrant and how soon we can come back to ‘I am OK- You are OK’ then we are living in ‘present’ and not in future or past.

This is nothing but the continuous journey of ‘Being Human’. It is not the state or a destination to attain but a continuous journey to walk through the life through ‘Jump in and Jump out’ of spiritual whirl.

9 Replies to “‘Being Human’ is it a destiny or a journey”

  1. Well written..no doubt that being human is a long life journey.. We try being good first..
    .then inculcate habit of being good ..then it becomes ur way of life…You well explained it with Johariwi Dow concept.


  2. True! Very beautifully written!
    It is a very deeper dimension of life! All the little things we juggle with everyday in our life is momentary and once the moment is over it is past and most of the time we live in past and once in a while we come to “I am ok and you are ok state”! The day this realization comes we come to be a happy being!

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    1. Hi Gauri! It’s nice to see your thoughts in words. The journey of Being Human one can make great by keeping consciousness all thru the life’s journey. I understood you are one on the way…. Wish you great advancement in the journey.

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  3. Following lines from my poem, ‘Infinity to Infinity’ in my article Om ISRON: Inner Search for Realization for Oneness-Nirvana, written and published in 2011 capture the idea and essence of Jump in and Jump out:
    “As I jump into Infinity and jump out of Infinity,
    I experience the ‘Light of Infinity’,
    Through the ‘Realms of Infinity’” …

    You have nicely captured this essence. With best wishes.

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    1. Thank you so much sir…I do remember the discussion we had over it in greater Noida… from that time this concept was in my mind..n when I started doing activity in my training session I started experiencing it.. which I elaborated with the model of life position


  4. Hi Gauri,
    The article is good and focuses on being a human or just a Human, Jump in and jump out concept is good, Life positions – I am OK/you are OK is the most important take I will take from this article.(I will be using it in my presentations if no copyright exists for it!!!) also this states about the writers way of thinking and seeing the world and relating all concepts together. Above article should be read in calm manner to understand and one has to keep himself in the writers position to understand it better.

    Certain points had some doubts:
    The article needs a high level of emotional understanding to relate to oneself. (I have read it 3 times and all 3 times had different thoughts about it)
    from being human to jump in and jump out – how to connect, does emotions have anything to do with my being human and also emotions change from minute to minute does this mean not being a human.
    Is being happy “being human” or to see the world as happy “being human”.


    1. Hi Mangesh

      Thanks for sharing your comments and really appreciate the keenness to learn more about the topic. I would like to answer your questions one by one.

      1. Emotions are very essential in one’s life and it is very true that it changes from minute to minute but that’s where the awareness comes that how much are you carried away by the emotions or are you able to handle it at the right time.
      2. Jump in and jump out are the two states which happens due to Inner search and realization for oneness. Being Human is not a state it is a journey.. It is such a normal state for a awakened soul that person is able to drive the emotions and not the emotions are driving the person.
      3. Being Happy becomes equal to see the world as happy because Internalization leads you to the state of “Aham Brahmasmi”. It is supreme harmony with everything around you – plants, trees, animals, people, nature… the entire cosmos!

      You can write to me further, would really appreciate the discussions!
      Happy Learning 🙂


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